What decorations would you like?

Regular Decorated

The most traditional style includes:

  • Icing
  • Border
  • Flowers or icing balloons
  • A written greeting of your choice!

Custom Designed

  • I can create your cake using frosting, and or fondant to represent your design of choice such as: sports, hobbies, and themes!
  • If you see a plastic toy you wish to have that is food safe you can put that on as well!
  • Cake toppers made out of fondant and gum paste will be quoted to you.
  • Please allow up to two weeks for me to order you anything special that I do not keep on hand!

Choose color and text.


  • For graduation, the school colors are the most common choice.
  • Otherwise choose seasonal colors: all décor, winter, spring and summer or colors appropriate for male or female.


Choose from cursive or print.

Here are some basic ideas, or get as creative as you like…

  • “Congratulations Jacob, Class of 2014″
  • “God Bless Brandon”
  • “Congratulations Karen on your Retirement”
  • “Showers of Happiness, Wendy”
  • “Happy Birthday Jamie”
  • “Happy 25th Anniversary Mom and Dad”
  • “Happy 40th Lori, Over-the-Hill”