Do you charge a deposit for wedding cakes?

Deposits for Wedding cake boards, stands, pillars and fountains will be needed upfront.  Please bring them back cleaned and unbroken to receive your deposits back.  Fountains and stands will cost $20 to rent out with your cake; this adds a nice professional touch and extra height to compliment the cake! An $80 deposit is held for cupcake stands and returned to you when it comes back in good condition after your wedding.

Can we do a wedding cake tasting with you?

4 pack cupcake flavor of your choice can be prepaid in advance for $12.00, you can decide on flavors(2-3 weeks notice is appreciated) I can send you qoutes and go over specifics after that.

Can you put real flowers on a cake?

Real flowers can be used but some may be poisonous!  Your florist can make up flower arrangements and put them on the cake when they decorate or ask me and I can arrange them on the cake as well!  Flower spikes are used to not have the flowers touch your cake!  Silk flowers can be kept forever as well so that is an option as well!  Mine is in my China Cabinet on display!

How should we freeze our anniversary cake?

To freeze your cake after the wedding, first freeze it then wrap it and box it up, you can also put it into an ice-cream bucket upside down, cake sits on lid!

In 2017 there was a ruling by a judge allowing WI residents to sell unrefrigerated baked goods out of there home kitchens. This is new to WI. but not the rest of our surrounding states.  The only state that does not have the right to sell there baked goods out of there homes is New Jersey. As cake artist and owner of Sweet Creations by Stacy you can count on me to provide fresh products from a very sanitary kitchen and home.  There are no pets residing  at home business.  I have a SERVSAFE  certificate in sanitation from the National Restaurant Association(541652), so rest assured in my food sanitation knowledge and practices.  My products are not subject to state licensing inspections.